Downriver Business Review Interviews Heinz Plaumann, Ph.D. of QuantumQik Careers in Brownstown, Michigan.

In this video, Ken Brown of Downriver Business Review and Level Up Digital Marketing in Downriver interviews Heinz Plaumann, Ph.D. of QuantumQik Careers in Brownstown, Michigan.

With the COVID restrictions in place, business owners across the country are affected in ways they have never prepared for. We are interviewing local Downriver area business owners/entrepreneurs and organizations, giving them the opportunity to share how they are adapting their business model(s) and strategies to meet the current constraints that their businesses must operate within.

During this interview, Heinz shares with us some of the products and services he offers his clients in the Downriver area.

☕️ Grab a coffee and take a listen.

Speaker, Author, Career & Time Effectiveness Guru and Owner at QuantumQik Careers

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Thank you, Heinz, for taking the time to speak with me today.

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